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Water System Overhaul & Replacement

City of Roseburg


Legacy system installed: Unsupported by OEM


CSNW selected to lead new system design:

  • Digital Maturity Assessment

  • SCADA Master Plan

  • CSNW selected to complete construction and system upgrades


Water Distribution Facility: Workshops and Training


Water Distribution Facility: Workshops and Training


Project Complete: CSNW is on-call integrator of choice

Total Investment


water treatment plant


  • Legacy systems at water distribution and treatment facilities:

    • Not supported and no longer viable.

  • Opportunity to completely rethink their systems.

  • Systems were required to be fully functional over the five-year project duration.

  • Water treatment plant was the only source of water for the area.

    • It could never be shut down.


  • Digital Maturity Assessment:

    • Helped outline the current state of the systems and options.

  • A SCADA Master Plan completely scoped out the project by deciding:

    • Vendors

    • Architectures for the SCADA

    • Networking

    • Computer systems

  • CSNW completed the construction, installation, startup, and training.

    • Installation of a new control system at the plant while keeping the original control system operational.

  • Plant subsystems were then transferred one by one from the original to the new controller without shutting down the plant.


  • A completed project without disruption of critical systems serving the community.

  • The project was delivered on time and within budget.

  • CSNW is the current on-call integrator of choice for the City.

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