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Water and Wastewater Facility Controls Improvements

City of Grants Pass


Original Water Treatment Plant built.


Water Treatment Plant’s expansion continues.


Need to build new water treatment facility is confirmed and discussions start.


CSNW begins work with the City.


Estimated construction of  new facility.

Total Investment


Water treatment in process photo


  • The City of Grants Pass has one of the oldest water treatment facilities in Oregon.

    • Discussions about replacing the plant began in 2004.

  • Whenever facilities need to continue servicing the community, there will always be equipment constraints.

  • Since the last major expansion in 1983, there have been many firms of various skill levels installing and retrofitting equipment.

  • The City of Grants Pass required several SCADA and other services for these facilities to remain viable while the new facilities were being built. 


  • Digital Maturity Assessment:

    • Update system topology.

    • Identify control system assets.

    • Provide updated control and programming strategies with backups.

  • Utilize a phased approach to overcome system constraints and equipment availability while keeping the facility fully operational.

  • Fault tolerant Stratix Server to allow for better control and monitoring of all remote sites.


  • All phases of the project completed without disruption to the community.

  • Projects were delivered on time and on budget.

  • CSNW has become the integrator of choice to provide SCADA and support services.

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