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SCADA & Communications Upgrade Phase III

Cedar River Water & Sewer District


Autocon controllers installed across all facilities.


Phase I: Legacy Rockwell controllers installed.


Phase II: Legacy Rockwell controllers installed.


  • CSNW begins Phase III

  • New Rockwell controllers

  • SCADA, HMI, alarming, historian

  • Upgraded communications platform


Phase III complete.

Total Investment


waste water treatment facility


  • Phase III was the first significant upgrade to any system in 10–15 years.

    • Emphasis on upgrading the legacy Autocon systems from the 1980s.

  • SCADA communications were a collection of two dedicated bridged phone systems which had become obsolete.

    • One communicating to the 1980’s era Autocon facility controllers that made up 80% of the facilities.

    • The other connecting five obsolete Rockwell controllers.

  • Two very different HMI systems (OnSpec and Wonderware) increased the complexity and learning curve for operators.

  • COVID restrictions significantly reduced the availability of direct contact.


  • Complete replacement of all the existing communications systems.

    • Transitioned to a government-level private cellular communications system.

    • Increased priority of the facilities and reduced the cost over the previous, obsolete system.

  • New CompactLogix PLCs in all Phase III facilities to support a long lifespan.

  • Upgraded SCADA system to Systems Platform 2017.

    • HMI development across all systems, SQL historian, and Win911 for alarming.

    • Backup hardware-based alarm notification system. 


  • Total upgrade of SCADA and HMI systems:

    • Including servers, OT networking, and cybersecurity-conscious solutions.

  • Communications platform upgraded to current-generation technology with a higher priority level and reduced costs across facilities.

  • The entire project was completed without any direct contact with District staff due to COVID restrictions.

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