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Emergency Upgrades & Ongoing Support

City of Cave Junction


CSNW employees begin work with City of Cave Junction Water and Wastewater faculties.


  • Emergency retrofit of the water filtration plant main control enclosure.

  • Retrofit control devices.

  • Implemented main concentration PLC.

  • Upgrade to cellular private network communication.

  • Rockwell software migration for SCADA system.

  • UV system improvements.

  • Design of reservoir controls, and well system controls.

Total Investment


Water and wastewater systems photo with 4 stations


  • Water and wastewater systems consisted of aging control systems and equipment.

  • Local support was vital, since many of these problems required driving to the facility.

    • Sometimes this would include late-night program downloads due to power issues and data loss.

  • Plain old telephone systems (POTS) disconnect caused faulted VFDs, and plant generators failing to start. 


  • A phased approach based on system priority was instituted to reduce downtime.

  • This included an emergency retrofit of the water filtration plant’s main control enclosure, control devices, and private cellular network communications.

  • New control strategies to increase operator and system efficiencies.

  • Ongoing improvements to the peripheral sites and water/wastewater facilities.


  • All phases of the project were completed without disruption to the community.

  • Projects were delivered on time and on budget.

  • CSNW has become the integrator of choice to provide SCADA  and support services.

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