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Field Services & Upgrades

Control Systems & VFD Services

CSNW’s accomplished engineers have hands-on experience with control systems in a wide range of industries—from public utilities such as water and wastewater systems, to food and beverage manufacturing services. This knowledge allows us to proficiently design, maintain, and troubleshoot control systems for any application. With multiple team members certified to perform factory VFD start-ups, we can often increase manufacturer warranties under certain installations, troubleshoot systems by verifying equipment at the component level, and skillfully install new equipment.

Our breadth of experience gives us the unique ability to deploy control systems across a wide spectrum. We work closely with our clients to design the most cost-effective, reliable, and efficient systems that utilize industry best practices and top-of-the-line components. With a client-centric approach, we use our industry knowledge and expert understanding of options available to help our clients understand how their system functions. This allows our clients to make educated decisions to obtain the best standards and equipment possible that makes sense for their system and goals.

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