We live and work within the communities we serve, and because of that, we take pride in the quality of services we provide.


Electrical Contractor Services

Motor Control System Installation/Repair | Instrumentation Installation/Repair | Control System Components Installation/Repair | Communication Equipment Installation/Repair | Computer System Hardware Installation/Repair | Variable Frequency Drive Commissioning | Control Panel Fabrication Drawings

Product Purchasing

Hardware Purchasing | Software Purchasing


Owner’s Engineer | Contractor’s Engineer

Lighting and Specialty Systems Design

Lighting Design | Lighting Controls | Fire Alarm System Design

Standby Power Design

Standby Power System Design | Emergency Generator and UPS System Design | Construction Cost Estimates | Fuel System Design | Generator Sizing Calculations | Equipment Selection and Specification | Transfer Switch Selection and Specification | Relay Panel Layout and Wiring | Load Shedding | Relay Protection Schemes and Settings | Metering | Fuel Containment

Telemetry and SCADA Design

System Design and Specification Development | Equipment Bidding, Review and Analysis | Equipment Selection and Specification

Motor Control Design

Full Voltage Starters | Solid‐State Soft Starters | Variable Frequency Drives

Training Services

Control/Electrical Systems Training | Controller Training | Communications Training | Instrumentation Training | Electrical Training

Communications Design

Dedicated Phone Line, Frame Relay, DSL, Cable, T1, and Fiber Optic WAN System Design | Licensed UHF, VHF, and Unlicensed Spread Spectrum Design | Wide Band and Narrow Band Mesh Network Radio System Design | Public/Private Cellular and Microwave Radio Systems Design | RS232, RS485, Ethernet, and Fiber Optic Communications Design | Wireless Instrumentation Communications Design

Control Systems Implementation Services

PLC Programming and Testing | HMI Design, Programming and Testing | Operator Interface Programming and Testing | Wonderware and Allen Bradley Software Developers | Instrument Calibration Services | Utility Software Integration (Financial Software, CMMS, GIS, LIMS)

General Contractor Services

Project Bidding | Strategic Partnerships with Contractors | Equipment Supplier

Product Purchasing

Power Quality Monitoring | Transient Voltage Dip Measurements | Power Monitoring/Metering | Motor Testing | Electrical Equipment Testing

Bid and Construction Support

Construction Cost Estimates | Assistance During Bidding | Assistance During Construction | Inspections | Project Close‐Out Technical Consulting | System Evaluation and Recommendation | Feasibility and Cost/Benefit Analysis | Peer Review and Quality Assurance Services

Power Distribution and Protection Design

Low and Medium Voltage | Electrical Service and Branch Circuits | Fault Current Analysis | Protective Device Coordination Studies | Arc Flash Analysis | Distribution System Design | Raceway and Duct Bank Design Calculations | NEC Compliance | Harmonic Analysis and Troubleshooting | Power Line Conditioning | Load Analysis | System Evaluation and Recommendations | Cost Estimates and Analysis | System Options and Alternatives

Instrumentation Design

Level, Flow, Pressure Sensing | Water/Wastewater Quality | Valves, Solenoid Control | Instrumentation Communication

Control System Design

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) | Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) | Distributed Control Systems (DCS) | Sequential Relay Logic

Security Services

Video Monitoring Design | Security Instrumentation Selection | Security Access Design | Cyber Security Design and Implementation

Information Technology Services

Network Topology Design | Workstation/Server Support | Software Architecture and Functional Specification | Database Design/Support | Wireless Network Design | Mobile Computing

Master Planning

SCADA System Master Planning