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Integrating Service & Performance

Providing Full-Service Electrical, Controls, Software & Support 


Design & Lifecycle Management


Power Distribution, Standby Power
& Motor Control


Services & Upgrades, PLC, DCS, Instrumentation

Solutions That Put People First

At CSNW, we bridge the gap between engineering and construction to provide seamless, well-organized, and effective control system design and integration. We listen closely to our clients and system operators to provide long-lasting solutions.

Beyond our capabilities and qualifications, we approach each project looking to forge connections and build meaningful relationships. We take the time to understand the unique needs of your project – developing creative ideas to add value and managing the process to exceed client expectations.

Case Studies

Designed to Solve Problems Big & Small

About CSNW

Since our founding in 2019, Control Systems NW has been the go-to integrator for public works agencies, private manufacturing firms, and industrial leaders throughout the Pacific Northwest. As a licensed contractor specializing in control system design and integration, our team includes some of the industry’s most experienced talent who have more than 75 years of combined experience in electrical, controls, software, and support services.

From incorporating control systems into new construction, to maintaining and upgrading older facilities, we thrive on overcoming challenges and delivering positive outcomes. We will work closely with you to find unique solutions to solve problems and meet your current and future goals.

A Special Relationship

CSNW is an RH2 Company. With RH2 Engineering being a premier engineering consultant firm in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, our partnership brings additional expertise to every project. This relationship between CSNW and RH2 provides our clients with the benefit of having both licensed electricians and control system specialists with hands-on, in the field expertise, as well as the engineering professionals who specialize in the design and operation of municipal utility and industrial manufacturing systems.

Our unique relationship with RH2 brings additional expertise and resources to design and engineer any job, big or small.

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